pom pom crown

Pom Pom Crowns

  • Create a range of colourful Pom Pom’s
  • Go large for a bold statement crown or petite for a more delicate look
  • 1-2 hour workshop under the watchful eye of our expert
  • All yarns and ribbons are brought to your cottage
  • Done in the comfort of your cottage
  • Available: Nationwide

Activity Highlights

Add some extra fun to your hen weekend making some colourful Pom Pom Crowns. Dig into the rainbow range of materials to create a variety of pom poms – no two pom poms need be the same! Go large for a bold statement crown, or create petite pom poms for a trendy fashionable headpiece.

  • At the prearranged time, our experts will arrive at your cottage and set-up for the workshop
  • Let our expert guide you as you design & make your Pom Pom Crowns
  • Choose from a selection of different colours, yarns and ribbons
  • Any extra pom poms can be turned into a keyring and other accessories too!
  • A 1-2 hour workshop under the watchful eye of our expert
  • As sessions vary depending on your location it is always best to ask your holiday planner for the exact details of your activity

Other Ideas: other craft workshops such as garter making, knicker customisation, flower crown making, bunting, nipple tassels, cocktail rings

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