Keeping Hen Weekend Costs Down

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Reducing the costs of your hen weekend

Hen parties can add up! The key for any hen party organiser is to balance the costs with making sure the bride-to-be feels really special. We have come up with our top 9 practical ways to keep costs down whilst keeping fun levels up!

1. Budgets

Base your budget on what is reasonable for the entire hen group, not just a few. If you don’t know everyone, chat it through with the bride-to-be as she should have a good handle on what she feels everyone can put aside.

2. Off-season

If you can, avoid popular weekends such as bank holidays and the summer months as these invariably are more expensive. Book from October to March to capitalise on low season prices, then be savvy, and book a special offer for a double whammy!

We have some great special offers for Winter 2018

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3. Think Ahead

Booking in advance, allows people to spread the payments instead of having to stump up a lump sum in one calendar month.  Look for companies with online payment systems. Our Acacia system lets hens login individually and pay as little or as much as they like, when they want. The only stipulation is that the holiday balance is paid around 8 weeks before the travel date.

4. The UK

Obviously, staying in the UK can work out cheaper than travelling abroad and it also lets people dip in and out of the weekend, depending on their budgets.

5. Distance

Booking a cottage only a couple of hours away will be less expensive than travelling to the other end of the country! It will also help those who are only dropping in for part of the weekend. If people are coming from all over the country try and find a central location so everyone benefits.

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6. Cottages

The great aspect of a cottage weekend is that you are not beholden to hotel & restaurant prices. Weekend expenditure costs can be controlled by booking low cost supermarket deliveries full of cheaper booze and food treats.

A night in can be a great way to keep the hen weekend costs down whilst still spoiling the bride-to-be. Make it special by decorating the cottage with DIY decorations personal to the bride-to-be, having a pre-prepared celebratory meal, playing hen party games and cranking up the music for some serious dancing into the wee small hours.

7. Activities

If you want the financial security and ease of booking through a hen weekend organiser, limit your activity costs by selecting less expensive ones. Think delicious canapes or pre-prepared meals delivered to your door or even a Butler in the Buff who can add a lot of fun to an hour for not too much cost!

If you decide you want to go out, transfers to and from your night out are cost effective. They often work out cheaper than organising it yourself as most companies get special rates.

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8. Cancellations

If your hen group is super flexible with dates, grabbing a last minute cancellation is certainly a brilliant way to capitalise on reduced costs. Our Chew Magna Farmhouse currently has £30 per person discount on the 16th February due to a cancellation.

9. Get creative

Make the decorations. Get people to bring meals or food items. Have a low cost theme like PJ evening so no-one has to buy new outfits. Organise hen party games, create a playlist, go for walks, have a game of rounders!

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If you’re looking for help planning your hen weekend we have lots of wonderful cottages and available in different UK destinations. We’ve been organising hen, birthday & celebration weekends since we first started business in 2006; each one totally unique. We love to take the hassle out of your organising whilst adding that little bit extra to ensure your weekend is filled with amazing memories.


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