Hen Party Houses with Hot Tubs

Our Acacia hen party houses with hot tubs are really popular for adding a little extra fun to your special weekend.

...We had a wonderful weekend - it really is a stunning location, and the views from the hot tubs and garden are amazing.

Popular Hot Tub Cottages

Is it the bubbles or sitting outside splashing around in a huge bathtub which makes hot tubs so popular? This decadent cottage extra really can add something very special to your weekend. What’s more, some of our hot tubs have mood lighting so even when the moon comes out you can still enjoy the great outdoors.

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Key Destinations for Hot Tubs

11 Top Tips for Hot Tub Use

If you’ve taken the plunge and booked a cottage with a hot tub, here are some basic etiquette tips for making sure you get the most out of your tub. After all, you don’t want to mess up the water for all your mates…

1. Have a Shower beforehand

Before you take the plunge have a quick shower to get off all the lotions and potions as you don’t want them forming a skin on the top of the warm water.

2. Limit your alcohol

It’s a no brainer that you shouldn’t use the hot tub if you’ve had too much to drink as the heat can cause all sorts of troubles. Obviously, this applies to drugs as well.

3. Don’t eat in the hot tub

Bits of crisps or dainty canapes in a hot tub tend to end up mushy messes which can cloud the water and make future bathing uncomfortable so refrain from the food until you’re out.

4. Drink plenty of water

With the temperature set at anything between 100 – 104 degrees, you need to keep hydrated so remember to rehydrate as soon as you’re out.

5. Test the water

Dip your toe before you do the whole plunge just in case the thermostat is set to explode!

6. Change seats

Some hot tubs have different jets on different seats to activate different parts of your muscles so keep rotating with your mates.

7. Know when to get out

It’s recommended that you have a maximum of 20 minutes of hot tub fun before you take a break, have a drink, cool down and then step right back in again!

8. Remember to put the cover back on

If you want to enjoy the hot tub for the whole weekend, don’t forget to put the cover back on when you’re not using it – it keeps it all toasty for the next time.

9. Tie up your long hair

Or at least keep it away from the filters.

10. Be careful if you’re pregnant

It’s wise to consult your doctor before use.

11. Don’t get in with cuts or rashes

With the temperature so high, hot tubs can become a breeding ground for bugs if they aren’t looked after. So protect your skin by not using it if you have any cuts or rashes.

...The house was perfect and was kept in very good condition. The hot tub and massages at the house went down a treat and the Beyonce class was really fun even the people who weren't keen to start said how much they loved it! The 3 course dinner was also excellent and very high standard - better than some restaurants I would definitely recommend you to friends who want a sophisticated relaxing yet fun hen do!